Conference Chairs

Conference chairs play a big role in meetings and if they are clean, comfortable,  strong and stackable then it ticks a lot of boxes. Strong chairs make them suitable for contract use meaning they are more reliable than something you would see in a residential home and investing more into getting comfortable chairs will make the conference sessions more relaxed and the audience will be able to immerse themselves in the meeting. 

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The best types of chairs are the comfortable ones, this creates a more engaged audience during conference meetings as they are less distracted by the chair they are sitting on. This makes for a better conference meeting. A generous amount of seat padding will make the seat more ergonomically pleasing to those using it, its ok to use less comfortable seats for shorter meetings but anything over 30 - 45 minutes would be too long for anything that is non upholstered or uncomfortable.  

Space Design 

The space that a chair takes up in a room could make or break the style or specific chair that you are looking at!

This could come down to the base or the overall dimensions that the chair has. Something to take into consideration is that the more basic chairs will be more likely to have a smaller footprint, and take up less room overall. With the more expensive ranges usually been slightly bigger for comfort. The basic ranges such as folding chairs can be a great option when space is at a premium, but they can be uncomfortable after a while, creating a whole list of pros and cons for you to consider. 

Stacking chairs is also a key element to consider, with the option for flexibility at any time, stacking chairs are easily stored when not in use and offer total freedom for layout.


Chairs that are used day in day out for use in commercial venues such as office spaces and conference/meeting rooms need to be upholstered with a long lasting material that matches the look of the room and is still comfortable to be seated for an extended period of time. There are many fabrics and upholstery options to choose from when buying chairs for contract use, many people opt for fabrics over anything else due to it been more comfortable and cheaper - you can view a selection of the fabric houses that we work with here.


Frame Style

Frame Styles vary in a lot of chair designs with many having the same top / seat, with a range of different frame and leg styles. 

  • Cantilever
  • Casters
  • Legs
  • Rocking
  • Skid
  • Swivel

A lot of office furniture will usually have the option to change the base depending on the style that you are going for in the venue for the conference room. Many smaller conference / meeting rooms will usually keep to a standard wheeled base design which are more manoeuvrable for an office environment, whereas larger conference ares will opt for a standard 4 leg style so that they can be stacked which is a key feature as the rooms could be used for something else where chairs are not needed and, this makes them easy to store, with a lot of them been able to stack around 8 high. 

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